About Us

Church of Conscious Living

1.      We believe that as custodians of the planet, salvation is ours through a Higher Power, which provides a direct channel of communication with the natural world – and through a moral/ethical upholding of Earth’s sacred laws.

2.      We hold that the human body is a sacred space and like the planet itself should not be contaminated by external toxic forces.

3.      We do not recognise distinctions of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or national origin and believe that the Higher Power and its bliss is available to anyone through direct communion with the planet and adherence to its sacred laws.

Earth’s Sacred Laws

As custodians of the planet, decisions we make should uphold and glorify the natural world. As human beings we behold to nature and as such, apply the same standard to the physical body.  To this end, we view as inclusive and nurturing towards salvation:

∞   Where possible, consuming organically grown and minimally processed foods and beverages. Choose cosmetic and household consumables produced from environmentally safe, nature formed substances.

∞      The rejection of orthodox vaccination, for both adults,
children and animals.

∞     To use wholistic and nature based medicines and practitioners for both prevention and treatment of dis-ease. The consumption, inhalation or injection of synthetic drugs, both legal and illegal to be avoided.

∞      What you think creates your reality. We are responsible for our thoughts and our response to what happens in our life. What you feel and action towards another is always a reflection of yourself – compassion and love is our primary state of being.